Sunday, November 16, 2008

Greenwood, Archer and Pine Streets Band

Started as the Greenwood, Archer and Pine Streets Band, brothers Charlie Wilson, Robert Wilson and Ronnie Wilson formed the Gap Band. The name was change due to it being so long. The original name came from the streets of North Tulsa, Ok where the brothers were born and raised. The brothers formed the group as teenagers and played many venues in Tulsa. They played country clubs, bars and anywhere else that their musical talents were needed.
The oldest brother Ronnie, started a band at the age of 14. His younger brother Charlie joined a rival band. The brothers joined forces when young Charlie was convinced to join his brother's band. Robert who is the youngest, joined his brothers after they lost their bass player. After touring the Tulsa area, Charlie became interested in California. Soon after his arrival he came in contact with Lonnie Simmons the late 70's. They recorded at his studio and performed at his night club. A single called "Shake" was their first to reach the Top 10 music chart. "I Don't Believe You Want to Get up and Dance(Oops Up Side Your Head)" reached number 4 in 1980. Their first number one hit was "Burn Rubber(Why You Want to Hurt Me)" They also did movie soundtracks for Penitentiary III and I'm Gonna Get You Sucker.
The brothers are still actively recording. Ronnie is a pastor and has performed in the stage play Mama, I'm Sorry. Charlie Wilson has been recording vocals for Hip Hop artists like Snoop Dogg and T-Pain. He has been consistently making good music. Check him out. We all love Uncle Charlie!!! Greenwood, Archer and Pine!!! Great Stuff!!!


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