Friday, October 5, 2018

Earth Wind and Fire - Can't Hide Love (1975)

Check out one of my favorite Earth Wind and Fire songs among the many. I just love this group! This songs brings back memories of my childhood riding in my fathers van headed to a basketball tournament. This is a great song. So great that the artist D'Angelo covered it in 1996. Check it out and see which one you enjoy the best. I think he did a great job. Click Here to listen.

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Peace and Love.
T. Sayles-Bey

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

The Best of Earth Wind and Fire (1978)

Earth Wind and Fire is definitely one of my all time favorite groups ever. I grew up on this stuff :) My Father used to play it a lot along with Parliament Funkadelic, George Benson and more. I am thankful that I am so well versed in this old school music paradigm. If you have heard of Earth Wind and Fire you must have been living under a rock or just way too young!

Here is the track list from the vinyl version:

Side One: 
1. Got to Get You Into My Life
2. Fantasy
3. Can't Hide Love
4. Love Music
5. Getaway(Listen)

Side Two:
6. That's the Way of the World
7. September
8. Shining Star
9. Reasons
10. Sing a Song

To learn more about this album Click Here

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Playing Your Game, Baby - Barry White (1977)

Put this on your playlist for you and your lady. Great music to hang out to! Sing it to her! She will love it! I like to hang out and sing to my lady in my Barry voice. I'm not as good as him but she likes it :)

Monday, August 27, 2018

Stevie Wonder ~ I Wish (Funky Purrfection Version) (1976)

I love this Stevie Wonder song. It is one of the first song I ever heard from him as a youngster. This is a version that is a little different from the first one I heard but its jamming nonetheless. Check it out! Its Funky! The bass and drums are kickin! Jam on!

One Love,
T. Sayles-Bey

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Delegation - Oh Honey (1977)

I love this song. I have been listening to it a lot lately. It reminds me a lot of my woman. Check it out!


Oh honey
When I get lost, feel I've been crossed
She will be my salvation
When I feel low, I've nowhere to go
She'll be my inspiration
Yeah, when my poor heart is breakin' apart
She'll pout it back together
She ain't the kind to show off her mind
But talkin' of love she's clever, yeah
Oh, honey (Oh, honey)
Oh, honey (Oh, honey)
She rarely spends time with her friends
Tells me she's blue without me
When things go wrong her faith is strong
I know she'll never doubt me
Yeah, when she arrives and stands by my side
Makes me so proud to know her
High-steppin' dames with high-soundin' names
There ain't nothin' they could show her, yeah
Oh, honey (My honey)
Oh, honey (Honey, honey)
Now I just wanna thank you, baby
For givin' me a brand new start
I was goin' down, you saved me
When you let me in your lovin' heart, yeah
Oh, honey (Talkin' 'bout you, honey)
Oh, honey (Honey)
Oh, honey (Beautiful honey)
Oh, honey (You make me feel so proud, so proud, baby)
Oh, honey (I'm proud of my baby, yeah)
Oh, honey
Songwriters: Ken Gold / Michael Denne
Oh Honey lyrics © EMI Music Publishing, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC